Maybe I over dramatised the Pana Cotta a bit.

For years I have put off trying to make Pana Cotta, I assumed for such a decadent dessert it would be too hard, lots of custard making and then the un-molding, oy oy oy, so I didn’t even look at a recipe.  I have eaten Pana Cotta before, it’s fantastic, and it’s one of my dear friends favorite dessert, I’ve just been too much of a big girls blouse to even try making it!

Well all that has changed.  This week I decided it was time to harden up and bite the bullet.  So as usual I used our neighbors as guinea pigs.   After looking at a few recipes I settled on one by David Lebovitz, he assured me it was going to be ok.

The process was actually quite easy.  It was easy to make.  Far too easy to eat.  But by no means easy on the calories or the waistline.

There was no custard making nor complicated processes, it was pretty much heat, soak, stir, set.

MY 2 yr old Daughter scoffing down her first Pana Cotta – must have been ok 🙂

So how did our guests and I rate the Pana Cotta?  9/10.  I think they only thing that let it down was that the Martini Glass that I served it in, it wasn’t big enough!

I served mine with Maple Syrup, mixed berries and a generous topping of crumbled flake bar.

I think I would like to have a play with this recipe and bit more, since it’s so easy and seems relatively robust.  I may try infusing the cream with a few different flavors and see how we get on.  Anyone have any great suggestions for me to try?

Watch this space!

Here’s how it went.