In need of a Jam Session?

Everyone should know how to make Jam, it’s so easy to make.   It’s a great technique to have under your belt.  Jam makes a lovely gift, a beautiful addition to many dishes, bakes and desserts, and its even more satisfying when you have made it yourself.

I made my first batch a few months ago, kept some for myself and gave other jars to friends and family – what a winner.

The great thing with jam is that you can make any quantity that you like, you can even be super gourmet and just make one beautiful scrumptious jar.  You can make Jam with any fruit.  Most fruit has pectin in it which is activated in cooking, and helps sets the jam.  Some softer fruits may require some additional gelatin to help set it, this is why I like to use Jam Sugar.  If you are using harder fruits you can use half normal sugar and half jam sugar if you are worried.

Right, jam is easy, here is how easy …


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