Winter Salad

I was talking with a friend the other day about good salads to eat in winter, and when I paused to think about it, the best I could come up with was a roast veggie salad, so I of course looked to google for inspiration.

We are pretty lucky in New Zealand that the majority of the veggies we would need to make a lush salad are still readily available at the store at this time of the year, however it is nice to mix it up a bit, so here is what I found.

Because Apples and Pears are in abundance in winter they seem to be featured quite heavily in winter salads and seem to be accompanied by  one or a few of the following; beetroot, cheeses and nuts, with beautiful dressings that feature maple, honey, lime and yoghurt … yum!  Flag the tomatoes, avos and olives, keep it simple.

I threw this together and it was the perfect side to scotch fillet.  Thank you JS for inspiring our dinner!

Happy munching!



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