Hot steamy Ginger Tea

Weather you’re sick, or it’s just a cold winters day, it’s a great time to sit and have a pot of ginger tea.  Used a lot in many countries around the world but particularly in Chinese and Korean cuisine, it is thought that ginger is good home remedy for colds, abating nausea and aiding in the relief of joint pain caused by exercise.  Ginger tea has an invigorating taste with a spicy kick to follow and is great for clearing out the sinuses.

I had bought a few ginger roots from the store last week as they were on special and thought ginger tea would be a good way to use it up .  It was surprisingly easy to make and very tasty, especially hot, but equally as satisfying cold.  I think I ended up making about 10 pots over a few days since I enjoyed it so much!

Give it a try.  Happy drinking!



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