Caramelised Onions

Last weekend I bought the yummiest bread from Moore Wilson.  It as a Sage and Onion Focaccia and it was stunning, a perfect accompaniment for the Pumpkin Soup that I was going to make for the lunch.

Later on as I was enjoying eating it, as with most things, I started to analyse it to work out if it would be that hard to make myself.  I decided that all I needed were some caramelised onions.  I had been wanting to learn how to do these for quite some time, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn, nothing like a bit of motivation to get you moving.

I had a look around at a few different websites for different methods on how to do them, there are various ways, you can even do them in the slow-cooker over night, but since I wanted them that day, I thought I would go with the old stove-top method.  Most authors and recipes seemed to spout the same advice, slowly slowly wins the race i.e.; good things take time and that includes good caramelised onions – around 30 minutes in the pan to be exact.

The end product turned out surprisingly tasty, and the method was equally as easy, something that I can add to the repertoire.  I used to think that browned onions and caramelised onions where the same thing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Onions can be browned in no time at all and have a toasted and sometimes shared taste to them.  However the difference with caramelised onions is quite dramatic.  They have a much sweeter, richer taste and develop a beautiful amber colour.

So it seems that there is no cheating with this process, if you turn up the heat you’re going to end up with browned onions.  If you are slow and tender, keep the heat low and are patient and for goodness sake stir stir stir, the end product is worth the effort.

Long story short I didn’t follow any particular recipe, I just followed my nose, so to speak and ended up with something that was great to use on my take of the yummiest focaccia I’ve had.  Check out How to Make Caramelised Onions.

Here is my take on the bread.  Onion and Fresh Oregano.


Caramelised Onion and Oregano Focaccia


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