The Rosemary Conundrum


Last week I was making a Roast Lamb for some close friends and wanted some fresh rosemary to rub the lamb and some to add into the roasting pan.  In previous years I would have picked some from the garden, but as we haven’t laid our gardens yet I had none to pick.  I was going to head out to the shop to grab some and then I thought I could probably source some for free – cheeky or resourceful?

I wasn’t sure if all rosemary was ok for cooking and if in fact certain types should be avoided or others were better for cooking and cooking with lamb in general, so I googled it; here is what I found.

There are over 50 varieties of Rosemary grown today, and to add to the confusion on which one to choose, ALL are suitable for cooking.  The type you will chose is generally down to your growing conditions and then what type you would prefer, each being slightly different in texture and aroma.

With this in mind I figured I would go with the common kind that seems to grown in most old school NZ gardens, I figured this was probably going to be quit easily found.

Before you start thinking I pinched some out of a random garden, I’d like to stop you there, I’m went for resourceful rather than cheeky 🙂

Did you know that there is a Website for Edible Wellington?  There are many community gardens around Wellington and various beds, orchards and random trees planted by both the councils and community organisations which mean that we all have access to various types of herbs, fruit and veggies, all for FREE.  How do I find these things you may ask?  Well here is the little known gem, it’s all on google maps.  Check out the following link.,175.650665&spn=1.65884,2.17804&z=9

Some of these sources are trees that overhang footpaths etc, but the majority of them are trees purposeful planted on public/council land for public use.  I guess the main idea is that if we all want to use them, we need to respect them and just take what we need, rather than gathering everything that we can take.

Long story short, I managed to find some lovely fresh sprigs of Rosemary in Tawa and it was beautiful in our roast.

When we get around to landscaping our property, I think I’ll go for a standard rosemary bush, probably a little less course and maybe something a little more classic.  Yum!!

Happy gathering .


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