The move to winter afternoon-teas

It’s funny how as time goes on and things get busier, we still manage to cram more and more things into our weekends.  In my wisdom, as I get older, I find myself… Continue reading

Teaching an old dog new tricks

I have been making a few cakes recently, and with the extended summer (and the heat) we have had, the buttercream hasn’t be holding up as well as it used to.  After a… Continue reading

Feeding the Monster

A month ago I had the pleasure of attending a full day Pâtisserie course at Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand, and I tell you what, it was worth every cent!  I felt like a… Continue reading

Pancakes in different time zones 

It’s funny how it doesn’t matter what country we’re in, the little people in the family still insist that Sunday’s are pancake day. This week we are staying with my Father in Aussie,… Continue reading

Vegetarian Burgers with a Punch

A while back I wrote a few posts on using black beans in chocolate brownies and cookies, that was yummy! Recently I have been delving back into the black beans and making various… Continue reading

In Praise of Wooden Cake Boxes

Recently I was asked to make a 100 year old birthday cake for a friend of a friend, not something you get to do very often.  Whilst enjoying some quality baking time in… Continue reading


The easiest way to feed a few families for a weekend meal is to pull together a roast.   In our house, during the summer cooking months, this normally takes the form of a… Continue reading

Pull together Sunday dinner

There is something bitter sweet about Sunday’s, it’s great that there is one more day left in the weekend, however I always find myself looking forward to the week to come and what… Continue reading

Swanky Dinner Parties, who really has time for it these days? But oh boy, isn’t it fun!

Back in the olden days, life before kids, I used to fancy it up all the time. We’d entertain friends most weekends and I’d go to huge efforts to create beautiful dinner parties… Continue reading

The first of the year are in the oven as we speak

It’s that time of the year, and this time I’m feeling particularly organised.  There have been years when I have left it all but a few weeks out from Christmas to make my cake,… Continue reading